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We help weight loss surgery patients, dietitians and bariatric surgeons with the RIGHT eating plan for a successful transition to a healthier life.

Weight loss surgery is commonly used to treat obesity. It’s a powerful tool that dramatic changes eating. All types of weight loss surgery change the gastrointestinal tract in some way, and this change then impacts on eating and nutrition. Most weight is lost in the first 12 months after surgery, and it’s often enough to help people live life more comfortably. Unfortunately, nutritional issues can occur without high-quality nutrition guidance. If you are committed to being healthy it’s important that you don’t leave your nutrition to chance.

90 day transition

Over 90 days learn how to prepare, and recover from weight loss surgery. Includes everything you need to know to safely and comfortably transition back to normal food. Highly experienced and respected bariatric surgery dietitians, provide nutrition guidance. They have been supporting weight loss surgery patients in Newcastle since 2007.
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A Patients Story

My journey started with a meeting with the surgeon who then referred me the Enlighten Nutritions dietitian. I was 62 years old and had tried every diet on the planet. Some were successful however I always regained the weight! I discussed surgery with my GP and she agreed that medical intervention was required. I wish my GP had mentioned this option to me sooner. 

Weight loss surgery guide

Our free 20 page guide explains the common pitfalls of Weight Loss Surgery and how to avoid them. Including the proven plan for a healthy transition.

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