Dietitians experienced in bariatric surgery

We’ve recognised that more people with serious health conditions are choosing bariatric surgery, a type of weightloss surgery. It’s a powerful and effective treatment. People understand surgery involves risk but don’t tend to know about the nutritional risks of weight loss surgery. Nutritional deficiencies are common after weight loss surgery with the potential for serious health consequences. Fortunately, most nutritional deficiencies are preventable with high quality nutrition guidance. This is why we’ve launched Enlighten Nutrition. We’d like to share our nutritional expertise to help you avoid preventable deficiencies to enjoy life after surgery.

Enlighten Nutrition is a place that can be visited by anyone, anytime to obtain evidenced based scientific advice to support surgical care. At Enlighten Nutrition we believe when you choose to improve your health by having surgery you deserve to receive the most up-to-date information that is backed by scientific evidence. It’s essential that you have enough nutrition knowledge to know how to prevent and treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies. At Enlighten Nutrition this is what we know best and it is our aim to help you know best too.

Meet the team

Dr Cathy Harbury* PhD, AdvAPD

Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma of Dietetics
Member DA

When I was 16 I knew I wanted to go to University and become a dietitian. I liked science, I liked people and I liked eating, so it seemed like the perfect fit! That was 20+ years ago now and I haven’t looked back. Over the years, I’ve listened to many people’s stories of hope for a healthier future and I’ve shared my knowledge to support change. In 2007 I began to work more closely with those having weight loss surgery. I found it rewarding to help people navigate a new relationship with food, and their bodies and this is now my main area of practice.

This specialist focus has lead me down a few paths such as a:

  • Conjoint Lecturer of the Faculty of Health at the University of Newcastle,
  • Committee member of the Bariatric Surgery Interest Group of Dietitians Australia,
  • Part-time researcher to gain my PhD in Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Newcastle investigating the associations between knowledge of nutrition and eating quality for those living with obesity.

Now I want to share my expertise with more people, especially those who’ve had the courage to have weight loss surgery and who deserve the best care to avoid preventable deficiencies.


*Co-founder until 2023. 

Nicole West APD

Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Dietetics)
Member DA

I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing. All aspects of my life involved food and the science behind the food. From my family perspective I had a grandmother with Type 1 diabetes (since her childhood) who was always governed by her blood glucose control and meal times, I understood that food affects your body. I played sport at a high level and nutrition was always discussed, but never in any detail that could be transferred into everyday life. So I found myself enrolling to become a dietitian at Newcastle University. At a later stage, nutrition became important again when I was pregnant with twins, eating for three to grow healthy babies.

After graduating my path crossed Cathy’s and I joined their weight loss surgery team in 2009. In the clinic we are dedicated to providing accurate nutrition information. We aim to support patients throughout their whole weight loss journey, despite the challenge some find getting to regular appointments. As a mum of 3 children, who works full-time I appreciate that many patients are juggling work, family and health commitments. Getting to a dietetic appointment during office hours is difficult. For those with busy schedules, we hope that sharing our knowledge online will make accessing quality information more convenient.


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