Weight loss surgery support for your patients

Would you like a convenient way to ensure your bariatric surgery patients eat right to minimise surgical complications and comfortably transition to a healthier life?

Join the Enlighten Partner Program to gain access to Australia’s leading online program for weight loss surgery.

Eat Right 90 Day Transition

Becoming an Enlighten Partner to access expert advice for your patients while generating additional revenue.

When you join the Enlighten Nutrition Partner Program you and your bariatric clients gain access to the 
eatRIGHT 90 day transition Program

EatRight 90 Day Transition is an evidenced based program to assist patients cope with the dramatic changes in eating they will experience after bariatric surgery.
An EatRight 90 Day Transition subscription ensures patients receive practical support through each peri-operative stage, at their convenience.
The program contains all essential peri-operative nutritional advice including:
  • How to prepare for surgery by reducing liver size with a pre-operative Very Low Energy Diet;
  • How to maintain adequate hydration in the early post-operative period, even in the hottest months;
  • How to realistically meet minimum protein requirements aimed at preserving lean muscle mass. Individual daily protein targets are calculated using equations appropriate for an obese population;
  • Prevention of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can have serious health consequences (Bariatric Beri Beri, irreversible neuropathy) with advice about appropriate supplementation;
  • What to eat during each of the post-operative dietary stages from thin nourishing fluids to puree consistencies and the gradual re-introduction of more normal textured foods;
  • Information and support to identify symptoms requiring surgical review, including more personalised dietetic intervention as clinically indicated.

Become an Enlighten Partner

Enlighten Nutrition consists of seasoned bariatric surgery dietitians with a wealth of experience. We’ve been dedicated to assisting bariatric surgery patients since 2007.

If you’re interested in becoming an Enlighten Partner or would like to explore how our program can benefit you and your patients, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Nicole via email at info@enlightennutrition.com.au.