Bariatric Dietitians
(Weight Loss Surgery Clinics)

The high prevalence of obesity (class III) and greater recognition that weight loss surgery is a safe and effective treatment sees more individuals presenting for care. For those of us working in a bariatric surgery team it’s rewarding to see more patients embrace dietary change to improve their health and quality of life. This increasing demand for our expertise does present challenges, especially as we aim to maintain the quality of our dietetic care.

All bariatric clinics operate a little differently but some common challenges include:

  • Maintaining a high level of dietetic care for telehealth consultations;
  • Finding alternative appointments when patients need to reschedule or forget to attend;
  • Finding extra dietetic time to support more complex patients;
  • Maintaining job satisfaction due the repetitive nature of some activities such as education on perioperative dietary prescriptions (VLED, nourishing fluids, puree and staged transition to normal foods);
  • Finding time and energy to update clinical resources;
  • Maintaining an economically viable and rewarding practice.

The Enlighten Partner Program can help

When you join the Enlighten Partner Program you and your bariatric clients gain access the EatRight 90 day Transition. This comprehensive package of care is delivered on-line covering 12 weeks of education and resources for all perioperative dietary prescriptions (VLED, nourishing fluids, puree and staged transition to normal foods).

It’s the most convenient way to support those having weight loss surgery, whether they attend in person or via telehealth.

Use the EatRight 90 day Transition to gain access to:

  • Expert peri-operative information delivered over 5 transition stages (12-weeks);
  • Dietitian developed pictorial eating plans, with shopping and allowed lists and product guides;
  • Delicious and nutritious chef recipes for each eating plan;
  • The protein calculator that uses an adjusted weight for setting minimum daily protein targets;
  • Exclusive access to chef and dietitian tips via a closed eatRIGHT Facebook group;
  • Weekly email reminders for patients about important aspects of self-care;
  • Quality resources that can be accessed anywhere and anytime;
  • A revenue stream with no overheads!

Enlighten Partner Program

Join the Enlighten Partner Program to gain access to Australia’s leading online program for weight loss surgery. Developed by bariatric dietitians, for bariatric dietitians and their patients.
Becoming an Enlighten Partner can save you time while generating additional revenue.

Become an Enlighten Partner

Enlighten Nutrition comprises seasoned bariatric surgery dietitians with over a decade of experience, having guided patients through their journeys since 2007.

Our patients benefit from the extensive resources integrated into the EatRight 90-day Transition program, a proven and trusted resource that enhances the dietetic support they receive.

If you’re interested in becoming an Enlighten Partner or wish to explore how our program can assist you and your patients, reach out to Nicole by sending an inquiry to