Your Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plan

90 days of support to learn a new way of eating

EatRight 90 Day Transition is Australia’s leading on-line nutritional meal plan program for everyone having weight loss surgery. When you know your surgery date subscribe and we’ll teach you how to prepare and care for a new smaller stomach. EatRight provides the high-quality nutrition guidance you need and deserve after surgery. It’s developed by dietitians with weight loss surgery expertise.

We’re dedicated to making eating after surgery both nutritious and delicious so each stage includes delicious recipes developed by our own chef (she’s a dietitian too). Her focus on flavour will enhance your enjoyment of eating during your 90 day transition.

EatRight 90 Day Transition is the most convenient (and tasty) way to learn the when, what, how and why of eating with a smaller stomach. A subscription will compliment the care of your own specialist dietitian.

Once subscribed you can also contact us via email to have your questions answered (instead of Dr Google!).

15 to 30 days before surgery (usually*)

A Very Low Energy Diet

*Those starting at a weight above 150 kg may need longer to prepare for surgery. It’s best to check with your own surgeon.

Medically formulated nutritional supplements matched with delicious meals (low energy of course) that guarantee weight loss, meet your RDI’s for vitamins, minerals and fibre.

To reduce the size and weight of the liver for a safer operation.

To prepare for post-operative healing using a nutritious meal plan focused on flavour.

Days 1 – 14 after surgery

Drinking to recover & nourish

Specific instructions on how much and what type of fluids to drink to maintain hydration, promote healing and recover well from surgery.

Your oesophagus will feel as narrow as a straw so eating will be impossible until swelling settles.

Days 15 – 30 after surgery

Mixing nourishing moist & mushy foods


Calculate your personal protein goal using our protein calculator. Then be guided on how to develop an appropriate and enjoyable eating plan that caters for your tastes, lifestyle and nutritional needs.


Eating remains difficult. High quality nutrition guidance with specially designed recipes will mean you will make every mouthful count towards a full recovery.

Days 30 – 60 after surgery

Getting back some lumps & crunch


Discover how to eat with enjoyment and confidence without compromising your health goals and learn about your personal vitamin and mineral needs to identify the best multivitamin for you.


Specialist nutrition advice is essential in these early days to obtain all the vitamins and minerals you need for essential body functions. Requirements are very individual.

Days 60 – 90 after surgery

Re-invent your eating habits for a healthier you


Changing your life takes time and effort. It is best achieved with support. Be guided on the important steps to path the way for a new way of living.


New challenges are experienced as life returns to normal. It’s common to experience fears around eating. Health professional support can assist with strategies, motivation and accountability to stay on track to reach your goals.

Join us to share your journey, encourage and empower others, gain insights, and truly value the opportunity that surgical intervention offers to achieve your full health potential (and avoid quackery).

Weight loss surgery guide

Our free 20 page guide explains the common pitfalls of Weight Loss Surgery and how to avoid them. Including the proven plan for a healthy transition.

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