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My personal account …

My journey started with a meeting with the surgeon who then referred me to my Enlighten Nutrition dietitian. I was 62 years old and had tried every diet on the planet. Some were successful however I always regained the weight! I discussed surgery with my GP and she agreed that medical intervention was required.

To prepare for surgery I started on the weight loss programme with my dietician two weeks prior to surgery. I lost a few kilos so that my liver would lose some fatty tissue as per my surgeon’s instructions.

If you are someone who is thinking about having surgery my advice is GO FOR IT ….it is the best not second best but the BEST thing I have every done. However you must listen to the surgeon and dietician and follow their instructions. Make sure your head is in the right space and you have mentally prepared yourself for the experience. It’s not an easy fix as it does take a little work but it’s the easiest weight loss I have ever experienced.

I had no worries about surgery I was committed, determined and ready to go ahead. I told everyone as I wanted people, like myself, to follow my journey and hoped that I could inspire overweight people realise that if I could do it then anyone could.

I have enjoyed the experience with Enlighten Nutritions dietitian and her input, knowledge and motivation has been a major reason for my success. I learnt how to eat correctly. After surgery you are really not hungry however you do have to keep your protein intake up to a certain amount. They explain to you how much protein you need. She also made it very clear what foods were required to reach your protein requirement. Enlighten Nutrition also provided written documents that supported her information. She is a great motivator and gives you lots of ideas on how to make the most of the weight loss surgery.

When having surgery you really need to seek the correct information regarding correct foods and exercise to ensure your surgery has a successful outcome. You also need regular assistance as your situation changes every couple of weeks.

Enlighten Nutrition has been a godsend to me and many others. If you are thinking about having the surgery ensure your Surgeon does refer you for dietitian support. This support is so valuable and as I mentioned without it I don’t believe you will have the success that you require.


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